Sample projects:

Solutions for harsh environment, subsea, offshore and onshore

Reliable communication 

  • Design of Radiolink antennas
  • Able operate in hurricane and to survive wind loads of up to double that present in hurricanes.
  • Defined as critical infrastructure

Development of radar hardware for anti-aircraft artillery on the Norwegian frigates

  • Designed to operate under high dynamic loads, harsh marine environments, and with great precision
  • Complience with MIL.spec.

Motors and actuators for use subsea.    

  • Oil-filled, pressure compensated actuators and motors.
  • Many different sizes and types.

 Inspection tool monitoring what happen in a oilreservoar  

  • Design of the hardware
  • Up to 1100 bar external pressure
  • Limited space
  • High temperature
  • Composite materiale

Fatigue calculation of propeller shaft designed for lower fuel consumption.

  • Fatigue calculation and verification of propeller shaft.
  • 2050Nm torque
  • special alloys

Design of subsea enclosures to be installed up to 6 km below waterline 

  • optimized design for long or short life in service
  • dual sealings
  • up to 6000 m water depths
  • enclosure for electronics, swithes, camera, monitoring systems, batteries

Sample projects:

Product development, mechanical and structural design 

Design project for the Norwegian Post Office for their in-store post offices

  • Large production series
  • Cost-effective manufacturing and assembly 

Design and qualification of
Inline mixer for the oil and gas industry

  • Manufacturing process: HIP (HOT ISOSTATIC PRESSING)
  • Qualified according to ASME B31.3
  • Material: Super Duplex

Development of mobile satellelite station to the UN forces 

  • The first complete mobile communication-sentral in the world. 
  • High level of electroncis protetction  from vibration, g-forces, impact load, temperature and fire.
  • Satellite antenna on the roof.   

Development of watermeter

  • Development and design of innovative Water Meter for privat household

Design of tracking device for satellite antennas

  • High volum enclosure for electronics to be mounted outdoors  
  • Vacuum formed plastic and injection moulded aluminimum

A innovative design project of operating console for ships

  • Design of the ship's bridge on KV Svalbard, a Norwegian Coast Guard vessel
  • Cost effective manufacturing and assembly
  • Aesthetically pleasing sheet metal solutions

Sample projects:

Motion systems and automation 

Foldable hydraulic lifting tool

  • Large lifting height
  • Smart and compact solution
  • Qualified for 120KN lifting load

Remote controlled crawler running in a pipe 10 km below waterline

  • The first crawler in the world that manages to pass pipe bends
  • Enable pipe inspection at long distance and 10 km below waterline.
  • Remotely controlled from land.  

Design of heavy duty tracking system for satellite antennas

  • Trackings system designed to running 24/7 the next 20 years and to handle dynamics load up to 120 KN